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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tutorial How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Galaxy Tab 10.1

ROOT is access to the Super User in Linux (Android is its Linux-based OS kernel). Root privileges are granted to users with the highest level, if in Windows may be the same with the Administrator.
Equipment needed for the root Galaxy Tab:

Driver Samsung Tab 10.1
Download if you have never installed drivers samsung or other tabs Kies.

After you download TabRootEasy, where aja extract in a folder, after that, if you have not installed 10.1 drivers tab then install it first.
Step by step tutorial Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:1. Turn off your galaxy tablet.2. Once off, press the power button and volume down buttons simultaneously, after Samsung logo appears, remove the power button and keep it press the volume down.3. It will be seen two android icon and press the volume up, you will be given prompt and press the volume up again. After that, it would look with the android logo reads "Downloading", let it be.4. Connect your Galaxy with Computer or laptop using a data cable.5. Open the folder where you extracted
tabrootEasy earlier and run Odin.6. Click the PDA, after that select the MD5 file in the folder tabrooteasy earlier, and once selected click on START. The process of loading will appear and allow it to finish.7. Once the process is complete, you can unplug your data, and select reboot the device, let your tab turned ON.8. After your tab turned ON, connect the tab again to your computer, and now copy files from folder tabrooteasy to your memory / sdcard tab (anywhere).9. When finished, unplug your data, now turn off the tab.10. Once off, press the power button and volume down buttons simultaneously.11. You meet again with 2 icons android, but this time press the volume down, and continue with the volume up.12. Now you go into bootlader mode, now select "apply update from / sdcard" (use the volume up / down to move the cursor and the power button to select the menu).13. Now select the file "" that you copied earlier and after being selected ,there's would be no sign of sukses.Reboot your android device.14. Done!!!

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