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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Super copier 2.2 Full

SuperCopier 2.2 is a OPC software to achieve a good advance when copying diverse files of the Windows operative system.
With this software you may perfect the copying of files that are found in your operative system, so it offers some diverse and interesting functions.
With SuperCopier you may pause and re-start the copy of the file, you may also transfer them and visualize in a precise way the velocity it takes.
Copy the work process data faster and stable without time consuming

- Complete rewrite of the copy interception system, adds support for Windows Vista, Seven and all 64 bit Windows. For now, compatibility with Windows 95, 98 and Millenium has been dropped and 'handled processes' is deactivated.
- Added options to sort the copy list. You can either click on the column headers or use the 'Sort' context menu item.
- Separated attributes copy from security copy.
- User interface improvements, including:
- Reintroduced Supercopier 1.35 like cursor for copy speed limitation.
- Popup menus from file collision and file error windows now automatically popup when the button is hovered.
- Copy window is no more a tool window, so now it has standard buttons like minimize, maximize and system menu. This should also fix problems with non standard themes.
- Many bugfixes (about 100 bugs were treated).


Click Here for Download [Mediafire Link]
Size : 483 KB



waahh bagus nih untuk di coba sob, mungkin dibutuhkan bnget klonya Copy file yang banyak dan ukuran yang besar :D Nice Share

Ivan Ananda Harsono said...

@CYBERBANUA: iya sob, silahkan di sedot :D

thankss :)

nextandy™ said...

File nya hilang...

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