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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Full With Crack

Auslogics BoostSpeed is an outstanding PC system utilities application that’s sure to keep your computer optimized and maintained with its numerous speedy, effective features. Every feature in this application that seemed difficult to use had an additional section that simplified its tools for less experienced users. The only disappointing thing about this PC system utilities application is the sparse customer service that backs it up. This application is easy to use, but it would be helpful to have a solid support system to lean on in case anything goes wrong.

Auslogics Disk Explorer finds the areas on your hard drive that are taking up the most space. With this feature within the PC system utilities, you can free the maximum amount of hard drive space when you start to run out.
Auslogics Startup Manager lists the processes that are currently set to open when your operating system starts up. This feature allows you disable dangerous startup entries, but it falls short because it doesn’t indicate whether your system needs any of the startup entries to function properly. Unfortunately, you won't know whether one of the startup entries was important until disabling it causes your system to slow down or crash.
Auslogics Uninstall Manager displays the applications you have installed and indicates whether they’re well-used or trustworthy. With this list, you can choose to uninstall any of the applications using the uninstaller that comes with that respective application. We would’ve liked it if this feature went back and removed any traces the uninstalled application left on your hard drive or in the registry though.
Auslogics System Information provides in-depth data on every piece of hardware that’s associated with your computer. With this feature, you can maintain your computer better because you will be able to look up support information for each peripheral device based on the manufacturer and model number.
Auslogics Task Manager is one of the PC system utilities that let you terminate applications, processes, services and locked files that are currently running on your system. Other task managers only let you deal with applications, so it’s nice to see one that expands its coverage into other items running on your system.
The System Scan PC system utilities feature looks for junk and fragmented files in addition to disk and registry errors. Since this feature doesn’t incorporate any optimization features, we question its effectiveness. It does make a difference, but without optimization features, that difference isn’t going to be significant. The System Advisor picks up where the System Scan left off, presenting a list of additional tweaks that could improve the performance of your system.
The Resource Usage section displays graphs that analyze how a variety of system resources are being used. This PC system utilities feature is strictly informational and does not offer any options for increasing your system’s performance in any of the areas it analyzes.

Auslogics Disk Cleaner empties your browser cache and the history of what you’ve downloaded from the internet. It also removes unnecessary system files and temporary files. We were impressed with this PC system utilities feature because it dealt with 22 file types that usually clutter hard drivers. Auslogics Disk Doctor analyzes and repairs your hard drive much faster than similar features. Usually, you would have to restart your computer and wait a long time to complete this process, but this feature does it all without interrupting your current tasks.
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder browses your hard drive looking for files that are the same size and share similar names and content.
Auslogics File Recovery effectively restores files you’ve deleted from your hard drive or from various forms of removable media. You can also use this PC system utilities feature to determine if a file you wanted to delete really was deleted after all. If any changes you make with Auslogics BoostSpeed result in your system performing worse than it did before, you can undo them in the Auslogics Rescue Center.
Auslogics Registry Cleaner scans 16 types of registry keys looking for invalid or erroneous entries. We were impressed with how fast this PC system utilities application processed the registry. It scanned thousands of registry keys in a matter of moments and returned our scan results quicker than we had seen with other registry cleaners.
Auslogics Track Eraser is one of the PC system utilities that remove traces of your activity from Windows, your internet browsers and other applications in an effort to maintain your privacy. If this information remains on your system, it can be used to track your activity and possibly steal your personal information. Auslogics File Shredder permanently deletes selected files or folders, but it doesn’t let you choose the method it’s going to use to delete them. Auslogics Disk Wiper permanently erases files you’ve already deleted, ensuring that files you’ve deleted remain deleted.

Auslogics Disk Defrag does a fantastic job of quickly scanning your hard drive for fragmented files. The disk defragmenter that comes with Windows slows down your computer while it's working. This PC system utilities feature completes the defragmentation process so fast that it doesn’t even have time to slow your computer down.
Auslogics Tweak Manager presents a wide assortment of tweaks you can perform to optimize the performance of your system. We liked this feature because of the optimize button that’s in each section; however, the fact you have to optimize each section individually can get a little tedious. Auslogics BoostSpeed’s Optimize Services feature doesn’t do enough to truly optimize every Windows service. It only deals with a handful of services while there are plenty of them that could easily be disabled.
Auslogics Registry Defrag is another PC system utilities feature that benefits from the lightning fast scan speeds present in Auslogics BoostSpeed. We were disappointed that we had to reboot our computer to complete the defragmentation process, though.
Auslogics Internet Optimizer is broken into sections for manual and automatic optimization. We recommend the automatic optimization section. The manual optimization section is far more complicated, and the odds that you'll accidentally disable an important setting are high. The automatic optimization process might take a little longer, but you’re not going to open yourself up to the risk of disaster if you use it.

Ease of Use: 
We found Auslogics BoostSpeed to be very easy to use. All of its features, except for the manual optimization option for your internet connection and the system tweaks section, were self-explanatory. Every feature that scans your hard drive or the registry does so in a remarkably quick fashion. This PC system utilities application has pretty much every tool you would need to keep your computer running smooth and presents them in a fashion that makes them universally usable.

Help & Support: 
Auslogics provides a frequently asked questions section for this PC system utilities application, but it covers more common sense terms and problems with installing and registering the application than anything else. They have a contact form on their website in case you have any pressing questions. We would like to see them have more contact methods and add information to their help documentation. The current resources can answer numerous questions, but they don't present the user with enough options to get their questions answered in a way that works best for them.

Auslogics BoostSpeed has the tools necessary for getting the job done. If Auslogics were to improve their customer service for this application, it would increase its standing in this category. We were impressed with how fast this application’s features were. You’re going to be able to optimize your computer quickly if you perform an all-in-one scan or use each of this application’s features individually.
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