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Saturday, December 3, 2011


ChromePlus is enhanced Google Chrome browser based on the free Sourcecode “Chromium”, produced by Maple Studio. ChromePlus has all the functionalities that Google Chrome has. More, ChromePlus added some useful features such as Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, etc. Meanwhile, ChromePlus is free with no function limitation and you can use ChromePlus to surf the internet in any case. No malware inside. Has user private data protection.

Currently, ChromePlus has 5 extra features:

  • Double click tab to close page.
  • Mouse Gestures.
  • Super drag.
  • IE tab.
  • Download tools supported in context menu.

Changes in V1.6.4.28 for Windows:
  1. The new install and uninstall application.
  2. Bug fixed: Black flash when rightclick a link and select to open with new IE tab.
  3. Bug fixed: Improve the way of adding IE list, and make it compatible with the older version.
  4. Bug fixed: Change the Restore Closed Tabs button on toolbar, and improve its feature.
  5. New feature:You can make some configration by command line parmeters in Options, and modify the specification of some mouse gestures.
  6. Bug fixed: Improve the Instant feature.
  7. Bug fixed: Crash by specific type of IE list.
  8. Bug fixed: Boss key can hide many windows.
  9. Bug fixed: The bug of Process Mode.
  10. Bug fixed: Modificate the Mode Switch Button.
  11. Use more smart upgrade package, the update will be faster.
  12. Update the sidebar extension Shopping Assistant.
  13. Refactory some code.
  14. Update the based version to Chromium 14.0.835.202.
  15. News in Chromium 14:
  • Initial release of Native Client.
  • Web Audio API.
  • Sync Encryption for all data.
  • Experimental Web Request extension API.
  • Experimental Content Settings extension API.
  • And a huge list of other fixes, changes, and stability improvements.
Click Here for Download
Size : 25,48 MB 


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