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Thursday, December 8, 2011

WinUtilities Professional 9.96 FULL With KEYGEN

WinUtilities is a PC system utilities application that seems to be an assortment of different applications loosely organized into one utility. Each feature in this application functions like a standalone application and has its own version number. One of the problems this creates is that each section of the application is updated separately. We would like to see this PC system utilities application become a little more unified and lose its long list of version numbers.

WinUtilities Uninstall Manager speeds up the process of uninstalling applications from your system. We were disappointed, however, that it didn’t go back and remove any remaining traces of each application after it was uninstalled.
WinUtilities Startup Cleaner is a PC system utilities feature that displays the programs and processes that are currently setup to open when your operatingsystem loads. Unfortunately this feature doesn’t have an option for automatically optimizing your startup entries. You have to go through and disable each of them individually.
WinUtilities Process Security lists the processes that are currently running on your system and determines their trustworthiness. The point of this feature isn’t to disable processes to increase the speed of your system; rather, this feature is meant to pinpoint dangerous processes and neutralize them before they can truly wreak havoc.
The best features this PC system utilities application has to offer are combined into one effective all-in-one tool called 1-Click Maintenance. You can schedule for this application to defragment and clean your hard drive, clean the registry and remove traces of your activity on the internet and in Windows – all with one click.

WinUtilities Disk Cleaner looks for junk files in your hard drive using a limited list of specific files and file types. When we first used this feature within the PC system utilities, we weren’t sure what it was doing because the cleaning options are buried in an options dialog box rather than displayed prominently in the application itself. This feature would be more useful if it supported more file types and its settings were brought out of hiding.
WinUtilities Registry Cleaner scans the registry for invalid or erroneous entries using a list of 11 types of registry keys. While most of these types of registry keys are important, unused language and time zone codes seemed out of place alongside system and user software settings. WinUtilities Registry Backup & Restore backs up your registry as part of the PC system utilities and enables you to restore it to its previously working state if problems arise. WinUtilities Registry Search finds registry keys based on searches you perform.
WinUtilities Shortcuts Fixer scans your hard drive for shortcuts that are linked to applications that were recently moved or uninstalled. WinUtilities BHO Remover erases Browser Helper Objects, which are pieces of software that integrate outside software into Internet Explorer.
WinUtilities History Cleaner removes traces of your activity from Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox and third-party applications to protect your privacy from people who might be using this information to track you or steal your personal information.
WinUtilities EXE Protector protects your executable files from unauthorized access with a password. WinUtilities Document Protector acts like a safe for your files and folders, storing and protecting your documents, pictures and video files with a security password. We would’ve liked to have seen a feature that allowed each file to have its own password, though.
WinUtilities File Shredder permanently deletes selected files or folders, preventing them from ever being recovered again. This feature also has an option for wiping traces of deleted files from the free space on your hard drive. WinUtilities does the exact opposite. It finds files you’ve recently deleted and gives you the option to restore them to their original location.
WinUtilities Duplicate Files Finder locates pairs of files that share the same name, size and creation and last write time. With this feature, you can remove redundant files from your hard drive and free up considerable amounts of hard drive space.
WinUtilities File Splitter lets you split large files to make them more manageable and then rejoin them when you’re done.

WinUtilities RegistryDefrag seeks to reduce the size of your registry by removing any defragmented registry keys. We were disappointed that this feature within the PC system utilities requires you to restart your computer to complete the defragmentation process and doesn’t let you perform other tasks on your system while it’s analyzing the registry.
WinUtilities DiskDefrag analyzes your computer quickly; however, it’s unclear whether it finishes defragmenting your hard drive. When we tested this feature, it went through its process but stops before it was finished, and it still showed that several parts of our hard drive was still fragmented. We tried to run it again several times, and it still didn’t show that our hard drive was fully fragmented.
WinUtilities Memory Optimizer dips into your pagefile and available virtual memory to optimize your memory. We didn’t see much of a difference in how much memory we had available when we clicked the Optimize Now. Auto Optimization and Intelliense Optimization are the highlights of this feature. Auto Optimization automatically optimizes your memory when it falls below a certain level while Intelliense Optimization uses the pattern of your CPU usage to optimize your memory.

Ease of Use: 
Once we developed an understanding of the different version numbers attached to each feature in WinUtilities, we had no problems figuring out this PC system utilities application. It’s composed of a series of easy-to-use features called modules. Each feature is straightforward and does its job admirably.

Help & Support: 
YL Computing, the developers of WinUtilities, provides an email address and online contact form for any questions you might have. There’s a user forum for WinUtilities on their website, but it doesn’t have many entries in it and presents a limited amount of information.

WinUtilities is an unusual PC system utilities application because it’s more of a cluster of tools rather than one unified utility. Each tool has its own version number, which means they may or may not be updated when a new version of WinUtilities comes out. We would like to see WinUtilities combined into one PC system utilities application and the end of so many version numbers. It would make the overall makeup of this application easier to understand.
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